Step aside monuments, DC gardens is where the weddings are at!

As a DC wedding photographer, I can't help but sing the praises of DC's garden venues. For couples looking for vibrant blooms, intimate corners, and a touch of nature's magic framing their special day, I have curated the top DC gardens for your wedding venue search. These venues bring a unique charm, providing the perfect canvas for timeless and enchanting moments. From my lens, I've witnessed the undeniable allure of saying 'I do' amidst the greenery and blossoms. Let's take a look at which garden wedding venues might be the one for you.

Dumbarton Oaks

Dumbarton Oaks stands as a historic and enchanting wedding venue for up to 200 guests. Think lush, meticulously landscaped gardens, elegant terraces, and iconic architecture - this timeless estate offers couples a picturesque setting for exchanging vows. The combination of romantic ambiance and historical grandeur at Dumbarton Oaks creates a magical backdrop for couples seeking a sophisticated and memorable wedding celebration.

Spaces and capacity

  • The North Garden (200 seated, best for ceremony)
  • Upper Terrace (60 standing, best for additional cocktail hour space)
  • The East Park (60 standing, best for cocktail hour or photography backdrop)
  • The Belle Vue Room (indoor) and Lower Courtyard (200 seated, best for reception)

Estimated cost

  • Ceremony starting at $2800, reception starting at $5600

Tudor Place Historic House and Garden

Having photographed numerous weddings at Tudor Place in Georgetown, I can attest to its unique blend of historical significance and practical elegance. The Federal-style mansion and well-maintained gardens offer a versatile canvas for capturing moments of genuine celebration. The venue's understated charm, coupled with its central location, makes Tudor Place a top choice for couples seeking a classic yet convenient backdrop for their wedding day. Tudor Place can host weddings for up to 70 guests. See a full wedding blog at Tudor Place.

Spaces and capacity

  • Bowling Green (35 seated/70 standing, best for ceremony)
  • South Lawn (70 seated/70 standing, best for bridal portrait)
  • East Lawn (40 seated/70 standing, best for photography backdrop)
  • Dower House (indoor, 25 seated/40 standing, best for getting ready, details and indoor portraits)

Estimated cost

  • Micro-weddings up to 30 guests $150-$600
  • Weddings up to 70 guests $2000-$10,500


The US National Arboretum serves as a distinguished wedding venue, notable for its historical importance and unique features. The original Capitol columns stand as iconic remnants, providing a historic backdrop for ceremonies and photographs. With its blend of natural beauty and architectural elements, the Arboretum offers couples a memorable and distinctive setting to exchange vows and celebrate their union.

The National Arboretum as a wedding venue is exclusively managed by MTG Hospitality and can host weddings of 300+ guests. See more from spring elopement at National Arboretum.


  • North Terrace (Best for reception, secluded
  • Water Garden (Best for cocktail hour and reception)
  • Herb Garden (Best for cocktail hour)
  • Columns (Best for small ceremony, closest view to the Columns)
  • Meadows (Best for ceremony, close view of the Columns)

Estimated cost

  • 6-hour wedding for 100 guests $10,000 for 2023-2024 season
  • Ceremony starting at $1000, Reception starting at $5000

Woodrow Wilson House

A venue I don't always hear about is Woodrow Wilson House. This historic venue, just five blocks from Dupont Circle, offers an array of options for celebrations, from private dinners to cocktail receptions. The authentically furnished museum rooms, picturesque garden, and tiled terrace provide a unique backdrop for ceremonies and receptions of varying sizes. As a wedding photographer, I appreciate the versatility of this venue, with its rooftop views, historic Garden, and classic 1920s "Garden Room," ensuring unforgettable moments for couples and their guests.

Spaces and capacity

  • Lower Garden (120 seated/140 standing, best for ceremony/cocktail hour)
  • Upper Garden & Terrace (70 seated, best for reception/dancing)
  • Drawing Room (indoor, 36 seated, best for ceremony)
  • Presidential Dining Room (indoor, 32 seated, best for dinner/reception)

Estimated cost

  • Ceremony starting at $500
  • Reception starting at $6000

Omni SHoreham Hotel

Consider the Garden Gazebo space at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, an intimate and picturesque venue nestled within the hotel's lush grounds. Surrounded by vibrant greenery and blossoms, this charming space is ideal for wedding ceremonies, offering both romance and versatility for capturing memorable moments. As a wedding photographer, the Garden Gazebo at Omni Shoreham Hotel stands out for its timeless appeal, providing couples with an elegant and photogenic setting for their DC wedding celebration.

Spaces and capacity

  • Garden Gazebo (400 seated, ballroom for rain-plan)

Estimated cost

  • Ceremony starting at $7500
  • Reception additional based on food/drink consumption

Arts Club House (members-only)

For art afficionados, consider having your wedding day at the Arts Club House in DC. Nestled in the heart of Foggy Bottom, this unique venue boasts a private garden adorned with elegant hardscaping and vibrant foliage, creating a picturesque backdrop for couples seeking a garden wedding in DC. The slate-and-brick patio offers versatility, accommodating both ceremonies and seated meals for up to 200 guests. As a wedding photographer, I'm captivated by the seamless blend of sophistication and natural beauty this venue provides, ensuring a distinctive and memorable celebration for every couple.

Spaces and capacity

  • Garden (200 seated, best for ceremony and reception)
  • The Monroe Parlors (indoor, 60 seated, best for reception/dinner)
  • The Monroe Gallery (indoor, 120 standing/70 seated, best for ceremony/dinner)
  • The Upstairs Salons (indoor, best for cocktail hours)
  • The MacFeely Gallery (indoor, best for bridal suite)

Estimated cost

  • Ceremony starting at $800
  • Reception starting at $4000

Meridian Hill House

Looking for a refined ambiance for your garden-themed wedding in DC? Look no further than Meridian House, an exquisite venue for couples seeking sophistication in their DC wedding. The historic estate features manicured gardens and timeless architecture, offering an elegant backdrop for ceremonies and celebrations. As a wedding photographer, I appreciate the grandeur and versatility that Meridian House brings to wedding celebrations. With its classic charm and meticulously designed spaces, it's the perfect setting for capturing memorable moments. 

Spaces and capacity

  • Entire property, garden-included (150/seated, best at 130)
  • Garden (Best for ceremony, cocktail hour)

Estimated cost

  • $12,000 off-season, $14,000 peak season

What about so and so venue?

There are definitely other wedding venues in Washington DC that has garden elements but after reviewing the options, the list above are what I consider true garden venues as a DC wedding photographer. The criteria include: the venue is known for its gardens, you can host ceremony or reception in the gardens, and the gardens are outdoors to celebrate the beauty of nature (sorry courtyard gardens). If you are wondering about other garden-esque venues, feel free to contact me and I can help you identify a few options!