Where to propose to your significant other in the Winter

There is a different type of romance in the winter. The trees are bare, the air is cold, and sunlight is sparse. But winter days can make for magical date nights and a perfect time to pop the question.

In Washington DC, you have plenty of options for a dreamy winter proposal. As a DC proposal photographer, I am excited to share 10 winter proposal ideas to help you get started.


Proposal at the ice rink is a popular choice in Washington DC. Not only will it be a romantic activity you can do together and make memories, you will have the perfect guise of tying your skates to be on your knee and pop the question.

You also have a bunch of ice skating rink options to choose from:

2. Inside or in front of a winter igloo

Reserve a winter igloo at one of DC's many top restaurants or bars and enjoy a private and cozy date for your proposal. The best part? Right after they say "yes" you can get straight to celebrating with delicious food and beverages.

Here are a few places in DC where you can reserve your own igloo for the special occasion:


What's more romantic than proposing under glittering lights and colorful displays? Add more to the holiday cheer with your own engagement. After your proposal, the two of you can continue walking through beautiful lights into your exciting future together.

Light maze/shows in DC:

Light maze/shows near DC:


Similar to #3 above in spirit, the two of you could enjoy pretty holiday lights but at a more casual setting. When you are ready to propose, pretend to want to take a picture of your partner and ask the question then. Here are a few ideas on where you can find pretty holiday lights.

5. IN FRONT OF The Christmas Tree

Whether it's a Christmas tree inside your apartment or a public Christmas tree, you will surely have a lovely backdrop when popping the question.

Christmas trees in DC:

  • National Christmas Tree (Ellipse of The White House)
  • Capitol Christmas Tree (South side of Capitol Building)
  • Library of Congress Tree (Inside Library of Congress)
  • CityCenter Tree (Metro Center)
  • The Wharf Tree (On the Pier)
  • Union Station Tree (Inside Union Station)


If you are like me, you are always hoping for a snowy winter in Washington DC. There is something special about the serene atmosphere when it snows. Take a walk during or after the snowfall and propose to your special person in a DC winter wonderland.

A few picturesque locations after the snow in DC:

  • Capitol Building grounds
  • National Mall
  • Georgetown
  • Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
  • Jefferson Memorial


Union Station gets all spruced up in the winter for the holiday season and offers a great location with outdoor and indoor options in case you are worried about the weather.

8. On a special winter holiday (New Year Eve/Valentine's Day)

Creating a winter proposal during a special holiday like New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day adds an extra layer of enchantment to your love story. As the clock counts down to a new year or during the most romantic day of the year, the moment becomes even more memorable and significant.

9. Next to the fireplace

Picture this: a winter proposal by the fireplace, cozy and intimate, is the ultimate heartwarming moment. With the fire crackling and the soft glow of the flames, it's the perfect setting to pop the question.

Don't have a fireplace inside? Try Camp Wharf at the Firepit or Wharf Jitney - Recreation Pier at the Wharf.

10. On a winter getaway

For DC couples seeking a special moment, a winter proposal on a getaway is a magical experience. Escaping the city's hustle and bustle, you can find yourselves surrounded by the enchanting beauty of a snowy landscape just a short drive away. Whether it's in a charming cabin in the Shenandoah Valley or at the picturesque Wintergreen Resort, the nation's capital offers numerous nearby destinations for a memorable winter getaway proposal that celebrates your love against the backdrop of the season's unique charm.

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