How to propose to your significant other in the fall

Fall is lovely time to propose to your person in Washington DC. There are lots of outdoor activities to make fun memories before popping the question. With the colder temperature, it's also a great time cozy up inside.

1. AT the pumpkin patch

Nothing says fall like pumpkins. Head on over to the pumpkin patch and look for your favorite pumpkins together. While you are inspecting a pumpkin on the ground, you can swiftly position yourself for the proposal.

Check out this Washingtonian list for pumpkin patch location ideas for your fall proposal.

2. While enjoing the fall foliage

Get outside and take in the beauty of fall foliage at various local parks, gardens, or neighborhoods. You can propose while they are surrounded by the gorgeous fall colors.

A few location ideas: Rock Creek Park, National Arboretum*, National Mall

*permit needed


For the outdoor enthusiast couple, proposing on a hike may be a fitting way to start your next chapter together. Propose at the panoramic viewpoint or the cascading waterfall. Just make sure wherever you are standing is flat and secure.

There are many scenic hike options outside of DC including Shenandoah, Great Falls, Harpers Ferry, Sugarloaf.


Another fun activity you can only do together in the fall is apple-picking. Propose while they are looking up at which apple to pick from the tree, you can be ready in position. If you are going for cheesy, you can mention "you're the apple of my eye" but most importantly, bring something to kneel over since you'll likely be on soil. After the proposal, you can even bake an apple pie with the freshly picked apples in celebration.

Washingtonian has 11 apple picking locations for your fall proposal.


Plan for a fun hour of photoshoot to update photos for holiday cards. While you are already dressed up, work with your photographer on capturing the genuine moments of surprise and happiness. Proposal photographers have a few tricks up their sleeve to help to keep the proposal a surprise.


Get lost together inside a corn maze and find your way out with teamwork and communication, both important aspects for marriage. Propose after celebrating you accomplishment at the corn maze and maybe something about "after all the twists and turns we've gone through..."

Washingtonian has 9 corn maze ideas for your fall proposal.

7. in your Halloween couple costumes

If both of you are Halloween fans and have couple costumes planned or picked out, then why not propose while you are both dress up as your favorite TV/movie characters?

8. at the winery

The DC metro has many lovely wineries where you can sip on local wines while overlooking a serene vineyard. The fall adds to the romance with the crisp cool air and excuse to cozy up near the fire. The best part? Celebrate the proposal by toasting to your future together with your favorite wine from tasting.

Couple celebrating anniversary at Windridge Vineyard in Darnestown, MD

9. While making something delicious

Take advantage of the harvest season and make some delicious autumnal dishes and drinks such as pumpkin pie, apple crisp, mulled wine, and hot apple cider. While you enjoy the fruit of your labor, make the occasion sweeter by popping the question.

10. on a cozy AT-HOME date OR BACKYARD DATE

Cozy up at home with a home-made meal and warm drinks or cuddle up in the backyard or rooftop while watching the sunset or the foliage. In the privacy of your own home, you have more space and time to express an intimate and heartfelt proposal.

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