Did you get engaged during the holidays?

End of the year holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year are popular times for couples to get engaged. If that's you, then congratulations! You may be wondering if you should get your DC engagement photos sooner or later now that we are deep in the winter season. Perhaps you are wondering if you should wait until spring to get your engagement photos taken because winter can be cold and dreary. Well I am here to tell you that winter is actually an amazing time to take your engagement photos in Washington DC. As a DC engagement photographer, here are 5 reasons why I think winter is the perfect time to get your engagement photos done (other than being timely for your announcements).

1. Less crowds, more privacy

As a Washington DC-based photographer, I enjoy the quiet that comes with colder months in the US capital city. Getting your DC engagement photos taken in winter means you will more likely have your preferred location to yourselves and fewer distractions in the background. From the coveted monument spots like Jefferson Memorial to scenic backdrop of the Georgetown Canals, you can enjoy a more intimate photoshoot experience because fewer people are out and about.

For more ideas on where to take your engagement photos, check out my curated list of engagement photo locations in Washington DC.

DC Lincoln memorial photographer sunrise session

2. More reasons to get close and cozy up

To get romantic engagement photos, it is important to snuggle up. If there is one thing winter is good for it is getting cozy with your love. In the warmer months, the infamous DC humidity and heat can make photo sessions a rather sweaty and uncomfortable experience. However, in the colder months, you will want to get close with each other at your photo session to keep each other warm - perfect way to showcase your love for one another.

LGBT-friendly DC photographer at Union Station


The common perception is that sunny days are best for photographs. For photographers, that is not always the case; we love cloudy days because it makes for even lighting across your face so there is no harsh shadows and softens the photos for a more romantic feel. Since DC winter is known for having more cloudy and grey days, we can take advantage of them by having more flexibility for session time with optimal light conditions.

See a few photos from a cloudy morning session at Lincoln Memorial.

And if you still want a sunrise session, sunrise is much later in the winter so you can get more beauty sleep beforehand.

DC engagement photo at Lincoln Reflecting Pool

4. Fewer rain days

In addition to the weather-related reason above, another great part about a winter engagement photo session in DC is fewer rain days. While rain can be a fun way to have an photo session, a winter rain will be too cold and uncomfortable. The good news is that we see the least amount of rain in the winter months in Washington DC so you likely won't have to move your engagement session due to the rain.

If it ends up raining anyways, you have a few rainy day options for your engagement session.

5. Festive lights and decor

Winter months are some of the most festive times in DC with beautiful holiday lights and decor. As a photographer, I love photographing couples in front of holiday lights because it creates a warm and dreamy effect in the photos. There is something enchanting about the holiday lights to enhance the romance in the air. Once the holiday season is over, there are also lights and decor for Valentine's Day in February. You have plenty of options in DC.

DC engagement photographer holiday lights

Bonus tip

While writing this blog, another reason came to mind: winter wardrobe is perfect for engagement photography. Couples are often stressed out about their outfits. Winter outfits can simplify your decision: everyone looks great in a simple sweater and classic winter coat.

Georgetown riverfront proposal photography

Ready for your winter engagement session?

If you had doubts about getting your DC engagement photos taken this winter, I hope my blog has helped you make up your mind. If you are ready to inquire about a DC engagement session with Stefan A. Photography, here is my contact form.