Oh no, it's going to rain!

When the forecast predicts rain for your much-anticipated engagement session in Washington DC, don't let the weather dampen your spirits. Rainy days offer unique opportunities to create authentic and in-the-moment images. As far as I, as your photographer, is concerned - it will definitely make for an unforgettable experience.

In this blog post, I will walk you through a few options for when there is rain forecasted for our scheduled engagement session. We can either "Keep it" or "Change it". I hope this will help you make informed decision for our DC engagement session.

Keep it - Stay the course

1) Wait it out

Don't panic when rain is in the forecast. Weather patterns can shift, and the forecast may change as the storm system evolves. Consider waiting until the night before or even the day of your session to make a final decision. This allows for a better understanding of what the weather will actually be like, giving you the opportunity to proceed with your original plans if the rain subsides.

2) Prepare for scattered rain

If the forecast indicates scattered rain, it doesn't necessarily mean it will rain during your session. I will help you prepare by bringing a clear umbrella. You can prepare by selecting outfits that can withstand a bit of rain. Embrace the unexpected and have fun with it! Rain can add a touch of romance and authenticity to your photos, capturing real emotions and creating unforgettable memories.

3) Embrace the rain

Sometimes the best moments happen when we let go of expectations and embrace the elements. Use the rain as an opportunity to showcase your love for each other, as you will undoubtedly face many storms together in the future. Dance in the rain, share laughter under an umbrella, and let the downpour create a captivating backdrop for your engagement photos.

Rainy day proposal in Washington DC
Rainy day wedding at Spanish Steps - Washington DC wedding photographers

Change it - outsmart the rain

1) Consider a date/time change

If rescheduling is feasible, consider moving your session to the next available date or time when the forecast is clear. This could mean shifting from morning to afternoon or opting for a different day altogether. Note that availability will depend on my schedule as your photographer, but I'll do my best to accommodate your preferred alternative.

2) Move indoors

DC offers a plethora of stunning indoor locations that can serve as a perfect backdrop for your engagement photos. Options include the elegant Library of Congress, the National Portrait Gallery, or the National Gallery of Art. These venues provide both shelter from the rain and a touch of sophistication to your session.

3) Do a lifestyle photoshoot

If the weather doesn't cooperate, consider switching gears and opting for a lifestyle session at your apartment or favorite restaurant/bar. This intimate setting will allow you to showcase your everyday life as a couple, creating cozy and romantic images that reflect your unique bond.

Couples photography session at Library of Congress - Capitol Hill Photographer
View of the Capitol Building from inside Library of Congress at couples photoshoot session - Capitol Hill Photographers


Rainy days shouldn't deter you from capturing the magic of your engagement. Whether you decide to embrace the rain or adapt your plans, remember that the most important element is the love you share. Rain can add an enchanting touch to your photos, while alternative indoor or lifestyle sessions offer intimate and personalized moments. Discuss your preferences with me, your DC engagement photographer, and together we'll create beautiful and meaningful images that tell your love story, rain or shine.