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Now that you have talked about marriage with your significant other, it is time to find a suitable ring for your upcoming engagement. While some couples may opt for a surprise engagement ring, shopping for a ring together have a few benefits. Not only will you make sure that the ring is of the right style, size, and fit, you will also have the opportunity to discuss financial transparency (range for how much the ring should cost) and collaborate on shared decision-making. Below I will be sharing a few local favorite jewelers where my proposal couples have found their ring along

MarketStreet Diamonds

Georgetown, DC

My proposal photography clients who got their engagement rings from MarketStreet Diamonds report flawless experiences, praising the diverse diamond options, outstanding customer service, and the unique offering of 3D-printed mock-ups for a tangible preview of chosen designs. They also enjoyed the store's special ambiance and the staff's helpfulness in ring selection regardless of customer's level of knowledge about rings.

MarketStreet Diamonds is located at 2512 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC. The closest metro stop is Foggy-Bottom station. Their hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM; appointments are recommended for a better experience. The store's exclusive collection of handmade, USA-produced diamond jewelry spans various styles, from Pavé to Vintage, emphasizing quality craftsmanship. The custom engagement ring process include consultation, CAD design, wax model creation, crafting, and the collection. This meticulous approach ensures a personalized and memorable experience for clients, aligning with the positive sentiments expressed in their reviews.

MarketStreet Diamonds' engagement ring selection starts around $900.

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Tiny Jewel Box

Dupont/Faragut, DC

Clients who acquired their engagement rings from Tiny Jewel Box, a family-owned jeweler consistently share delightful experiences. Customers commend the store for its diverse selection of vintage and antique rings, with a particular focus on personalized service. The atmosphere is highlighted as enjoyable, and the staff is lauded for helping clients through the ring selection process. The store's offerings extend beyond vintage pieces, catering to various styles and preferences.

Tiny Jewel Box is located at 1155 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036. The closest metro station is Faragut North. The store operates from Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 5:30 pm, providing validated parking options for clients. The store's website emphasizes its commitment to custom jewelry design services, led by a creative team dedicated to making the process enjoyable and unique. The custom design process involves a consultation to understand clients' ideas and preferences, hand-drawn sketches, CAD design, and the use of an in-house 3D printer to create wax models for approval.

Tiny Jewel Box's engagement ring selections start around $1000.

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I.Gorman Jewelers

Dupont/Faragut, DC

Proposal photography clients choosing I. Gorman Jewelers for engagement rings consistently praise the modern and unique designs, emphasizing accommodating and trustworthy service. Clients often highlight the professionalism and kindness experienced while working with the staff for custom designs. The store's commitment to personalized jewelry is showcased on their website, offering custom design services for clients to collaborate with talented designers.

Conveniently located in Dupont at 1133 20th St NW Ll1, Washington, DC 20036, the closest metro stop is Faragut Norht station. I. Gorman is open from Tuesday to Friday from 12pm to 5pm. The store has been a premier destination for engagement rings for over 40 years, offering a diverse selection from traditional to alternative styles. Clients are encouraged to make appointments to begin their custom design journey and create a personalized expression of their unique style and love story.

I. Gormans Jewelers's engagement ring selections start around $2000.

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Union Market/NOMA, DC

Clients who found their engagement rings at Shelter are impressed by the unique designs and the personal service provided. Shelter is especially perfect for couples looking for a creative engagement ring or those would like to redesign an heirloom. Couples rave about the experience working with Shelter founder Mallory and team.

Shelter is located inside Union Market at 1258 5th Street NE, Washington DC. The store stands out for its modern flair, offering one-of-a-kind engagement rings, and heirloom redesigns. The boutique is a treasure trove for those seeking unique pieces. Supporting over 30 independent jewelry brands, Shelter not only champions its small business but also nurtures the artists behind each piece, ensuring that every purchase carries the dedication and care of passionate creators.

Shelter's engagement ring selections start around $700.

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