what does a post-elopement wedding reception look like at St. Francis Hall?

Come along with us as we enter into a post-elopement wedding reception at the enchanting St. Francis Hall, visually documented by Stefan, your Washington DC-based wedding photographer. When I met with the couple during our consultation, they told me that the most important part for the reception is their guests and candid moments. Thus, I employed a mostly documentary photography style for this reception.

Because it was a special occasion, I still snuck in a few intimate portraits in the serene St. Francis Monastery Garden before H&C's magical grand entrance. With sparkling lights overhead, the married couple's celebration was filled with cherished moments, great music, and delightful surprises. Let's embark on this memorable evening and relive the highlights of this celebration.

Pre-ceremony couples portrait

Before the reception, I met with H&C for couple's portrait in the picturesque St. Francis Monastery Garden. The setting provided a captivating backdrop for the intimate couple's portraits, reflecting the depth of their connection and the radiance of their love. As it was raining, we spent most of our time inside the the Portico, which also allowed me to photograph with captivating leading lines.

A Grand Entrance Fit for a winter Fairytale

H&C's grand entrance was memorable. H was wearing a magnificent red cape that left everyone awestruck. The enchanting atmosphere heightened the anticipation, setting the stage for an evening filled with magic and wonder.

Romance, Laughter, and Delicious Delights

With 140 of their nearest and dearest by their side, H&C took their first dance as a married couple, an experience that overflowed with joy. Many loved ones gave passionate speeches in support of the couple, which led to much laughter from the venue. With specially curated playlist by DJ, the dance floor became a magical space where their loved ones celebrated the union, creating memories that will last a lifetime. To sweeten the festivities, the guests were treated to delectable cakes and pastries from local bakeries, including the irresistible Sweet Crimes gluten-free donuts.

Wrapping it up

I had a great time photographing H&C's post-elopement wedding reception at St. Francis Hall with a photojournalistic approach. I loved the inviting atmosphere and the warm ambiance at St. Francis Hall. From the intimate portraits in the garden Portico to the magical grand entrance and the heartfelt moments shared with family and friends, every element of this evening was infused with love and cherished memories. Congratulations to H&C!

Romantic couples portrait captured at St. Francis Monastery Garden portico - DC Elopement Photographer
Wedding photography at St. Francis Monastery Garden portico
St. Francis Monastery Garden portico - the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding and couples portraits
DC wedding photography at St. Francis Monastery Garden portico
Couples portrait at St. Francis Monastery Garden
Fairytale-inspired couples portrait at St. Francis Monastery Garden - DC Wedding Photographer
Intimate couples portrait inside St. Francis Hall in Washington DC
Wedding reception couples portrait inside St. Francis Hall in Washington DC
Intimate couples portrait inside St. Francis Hall under string lights in Washington DC - Wedding photography
St. Francis Hall wedding reception table settings
Artistic mirror shot of wedding couple at St. Francis Hall in DC
Family portrait at post-elopement reception celebration at St. Francis Hall in Washington DC
Family portrait at post-elopement reception celebration at St. Francis Hall in Washington DC
Reception photography for post-elopement celebration inside St. Francis Hall in Washington DC
Reception grand entrance inside St. Francis Hall

St. Francis Hall as a wedding venue

St. Francis Hall is an excellent choice for a wedding ceremony and/or reception for couples looking to get married in Washington DC. Its high ceiling, wooden beams, rustic hardwood floor will surely impress everyone present. Its warm ambiance will elevate the romance factor for weddings. Being an indoor venue, St. Francis Hall is great for any season and weather, including rainy winter days. Another overlooked major-plus is that parking is free for guests, which is a big deal in Washington DC.

For more information about St. Francis Hall, check out their pricing/availability, FAQs, and general info.

Vendor Highlight!

As a music lover, I had the absolute best time listening to Luvdup DJ's playlist. I loved that Gemma from Luvdup DJ collaborates closely with her client to curate a meaningful list of songs that gets people dancing and connecting with each other. I can't wait to work with Luvdup DJ again!

Luvdup DJ spinning tunes at post-elopement reception in St. Francis Hall