Love is fun and games

Summer is the playful season for love. This was true for F & R's wedding at the picturesque Prosperity Mansion & Farm in Keymar (near Frederick), Maryland.

As their wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful and fun moments of the big day. The venue was the perfect rustic summer wedding location with rolling green fields, lush gardens, a fun swing set, and a picturesque pond.

I particularly loved capturing F & R's playful and competitive interaction with each other. The large chess set was a particular highlight, as the couple battled it out in a fun and lighthearted game while their guests cheered them on.

The reception was held under a tent, where the couple and their guests showed off their dance moves and enjoyed the delicious cake. The rustic and charming atmosphere of the venue perfectly complemented the couple's playful and romantic energy, creating a truly unforgettable afternoon.

At Prosperity Mansion & Farm, every detail was perfectly planned and executed, from the beautiful floral arrangements to the stunning table settings. The wedding was a true reflection of the couple's unique personalities and their love for each other.

If you're looking for a wedding venue in the DMV area, consider Prosperity Mansion & Farm. Its picturesque location, charming atmosphere, and attention to detail make it the perfect place to create your dream wedding memories.