Your wedding photos last forever - so planning ahead of time is key to get exactly what you want! Each wedding is a custom-tailored experience and it's important to know which part of the day matters most to you


These are a great way to showcase a variety of intimate moments with friends and family before everyone is prim & proper for the ceremony. . Whether it is the bride toasting with her bridesmaids while getting dolled up, the father of the groom helping his son straighten the tie, or mother of the bride hugging her daughter, these are moments to be cherished as the couple's closest loved ones help them prepare for this significant day. This is also an opportunity to capture detail photographs of the wedding dress, tuxedo, rings, or other key attire as a detail shot.

If your package includes "Getting Ready", I will coordinate with both parties on when I should drop by for these shots beforehand to make sure I capture it all.

First Look

While optional, First Look provides an opportunity for the couple to react to each others' wedding looks and share a private moment before heading to the ceremony. Other variations include First Look with parents/family, bridal party, or First Touch, where the couple doesn't see each other but can hold hands or arms. Because First Look occurs in a private space planned in advance, it allows for more authentic emotions such as surprise and awe. There's nothing like seeing a photo of yourself looking gorgeous or handsome while surrounded by friends and family to bring back memories of what it felt like on that momentous day. Don't let these moments go undocumented!

If your package includes "First Look", I will help you with finding the optimal location for this to take place.

Detail shots

Details, details, details. How long did you spend thinking about the rings, dress, suit, the bouquets, your handwritten vows, your shoes, the cake, the décor? Chances are that if you put any effort into these things, you'll want to remember exactly how it looked so you can relive it forever.

I include detail shots for all of my wedding packages, although the variety depends on the time I have; it's always helpful to hear from my couples which detail shots are must-dos.

Group portraits

Group photos are an essential piece to every wedding. Your loved ones have traveled from far and wide to bear witness to your ceremony and to party with you. Even your crazy uncle got dressed up! Whatever the makeup of your party, portraits of bride and groom with different combinations of groups such as parents, sibling, family, bridal party, and friends are incredibly important. It can also be challenging to coordinate. Group portraits may take place before or after the ceremony depending on the schedule. Best practices for a smooth group portrait session include: 1) plan ahead on who will be part of group portraits and in what combination, 2) communicate with those in group portraits the where and when before the wedding day so they are aware and ready, 3) designate someone such as a sibling/friend who knows most of the group portrait members and can gather them.

During our planning phase, I will provide additional resources to help you plan out the group portrait combinations.

Bridal party watches bride and groom kiss at a summer backyard wedding in Potomac, MD


Ah, the moment we have all been patiently waiting for! First comes the procession - your favorite people walking down the aisle, the eager attendees, the flower girls/grandmas, the groom waiting anxiously for his bride, and of course, the elegant bride accompanied by her father or another chosen person. Then the ceremony starts with the officiant's remark as you look at each other at the altar, you read your vows, and the officiant pronounces you to be wedded and you share your first kiss as a married couple. Afterwards, you walk hand in hand through the aisle as your loved ones cheer you on.

As a former photojournalist, my keen eyes and shutter will be ready to capture those teary eyes and joyful smiles.

Backyard microwedding ceremony | Washington DC/DMV Wedding Photographer

Bride and groom at the altar with officiant giving speech during microwedding ceremony


We are now at the fun part of the day where the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed. Hopefully as the newly married couple, you will be sitting at your sweetheart table and enjoying the meal while speeches are given. Again, this is a good time to preserve the laughter from jokes or tears from a touching tribute. This is also the time and place for those first dances that bring tear to many eyes, including mine. Once the dance floor is open for all, the party has started. But don't forget the cake-cutting, if that's part of the schedule.

Offered in my full-day coverage wedding package, I will surely work the dance floor to capture the fun and excitement happening at the celebration.

Send Off

For those who may want to create a proper conclusion to their wedding day, a send-off is a good option for the memorable experience and a fun photo opportunity. One common send-off involves the attendees standing in two lines forming a tunnel holding sparklers while the couple walks through the middle. Daytime alternatives for immediately after the ceremony include throwing flower petals, rice, or blowing bubbles. There are many options if you would like to include a send-off at your wedding and for me to capture it.

I will be sure to ask you about whether send off is part of your wedding during our planning process and prepare for the best way to capture it.

Wedding Traditions

The wedding experience is unique to each couple and you may have additional events, cultural rituals, or social activities that's a key part of your big day. And I would love to help you preserve these unique moments and experiences. When we meet to go over your wedding day schedule, I will be asking you questions to understand


The point of wedding photos is to celebrate your day and preserve memories for years to come. You can choose to use them as decoration, share them with friends and family, or even frame them for your home. It’s important to remember that not all people have the same needs when it comes to pictures, so consider what makes sense for you before making a decision about whether one type might be better suited than another.