Family portrait session in the fall at Alexandria Old Towne

You are excited for your upcoming session with Stefan A. Photography but don't know what to bring to the photoshoot? I've got you. Follow the recommended list below for the obvious, must-haves and good-to-haves and you'll surely have a great session with your photographer!

The obvious

I won't get into the obvious items such as your phone/wallet/keys/metro card and other necessities. You know what you gotta have!


  • Water - hydration is important. Let's keep those mouths from being dry so you can smile as widely as possible
  • Chapstick - keep your smiling and laughing longer without worries for cracked or split lips (ouch!)
  • Gum or mint - pop one in before the photo session so you and your partner can enjoy being close up with each other
  • Tote/large bag - an important item to keep your things together since your pockets should be empty during the session
  • Hair brush / comb - hair is by far the hardest thing to edit if it's flying all over the place. This is one of of those items I won't be able to provide for hygenic reasons. Don't worry, I'll also be checking in with you about hair before each new pose.


  • Hand-sanitizer - you may want to use after touching different surfaces during posing/prompts
  • Tissue/handkerchief/towels - for warm days, may be useful to wipe off sweat
  • Layering clothing - anytime outside of July-August, an extra layer of clothing can help keep you warm between locations and switch up your look
  • Snacks - for longer sessions (>1 hour), a snack might help prevent any unwanted "hangriness" to show up in your photos. Instead of bringing snacks, you can also eat a light snack before arriving or celebrate afterwards (see below).
  • Toys for the little ones - depending on how little your kids are, you may want to bring them something guaranteed to help them smile. I've worked with kids for years and if you can bring one of their favorite toys, I can take care of the rest.
Family enjoying ice cream together after portrait session in the fall at Alexandria Old Towne

Family enjoying ice cream at the end of family photoshoot in Old Towne Alexandria, VA.